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Five-dimensional dream realization thinking method workshop-Techniques to make 1000 dreams come true-

For those who want to make their dreams come true, for the general public

I have no dreams, I can't have dreams. I have a dream, but it never comes true. I don't know how to make it happen. I don't have the courage to take a step. Even if I start, I give up immediately. I can't concentrate on things. I'm too focused and I can't see the surroundings. Are you in trouble with ...?

Dreams don't come true as planned.

Dreams do not come true in the order you want.

Dreams come true in the order they come true.

You don't have to squeeze your dreams into one.

Let's make multiple dreams come true at the same time.

Dreams never end.

There is no deadline for dreams.

Don't give up on your dreams.

Put your dreams on hold.

Dreams are big and small.

There is no difference in dreams.

Dreams cannot be fulfilled alone.

Dreams come true in proportion to the number of friends.

Dreams come true according to the breadth of consciousness.

Dreams come true according to the degree of freedom.

Dreams cannot come true if they are bound by stereotypes.

Dreams will become easier to come true if you hold them with five-dimensional thinking.

There are various know-hows to make dreams come true, but by raising the dimension of fundamental thinking to the 5th dimension, the speed at which dreams come true will accelerate, and many dreams will come true more and more. Based on various cases, we will teach you techniques to live with excitement every day without missing encounters and opportunities in order to fulfill your one-time life and more dreams.

In addition, in this course, we will teach you the know-how to write down the dreams of each participant, efficiently disseminate them, and share them.


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