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[The "flag of the earth" is devised for all earthlings]

There are as many flags as there are countries, but there are no flags of the earth for the earthlings who live on the earth.

Oskar Pernefeldt, who belongs to the Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden, devised the "Flag of the Earth".

This was designed based on vexillology, which is a discipline that systematically organizes and studies symbols such as flags and coats of arms, which are symbols of countries, regions, ethnic groups, clans, etc., and has become a hot topic on the Internet. increase.

The seven rings arranged like flowers represent the life of the earth. This is a figure of "Flower of Life", which is also called a sacred geometric pattern.

Each ring is linked to each other, which means that everything that exists on Earth is directly or indirectly involved.

And the color of the blue ground is essential to life and represents the water that covers most of the earth as the sea.

At the same time, the outer circumference of the seven rings represents the earth as a planet, and the surrounding blue represents the universe.

When is this flag used?

It is used as a flag to represent the earth during space development such as the moon and Mars, and people who want to declare themselves as earthlings before they are humans in any country decorate in front of the house, sports games, etc. It is expected that it will be posted at the time of international conferences.

Of course, this "flag of the earth" is not official.

Nevertheless, it may be gaining support as one of the ideals of human beings on this earth.

Earthling emblem

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