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Would you like to take a step into space with us?

We, the ASTRAX United Nations World Space Week Executive Committee, are always looking for "Evangelists" who are officially recognized by the Association to spread the United Nations World Space Week throughout Japan and create events together with the executive committee members.

Throughout the year, evangelists will be able to come up with ideas, plan, advertise, and support the operation of space-related events to the extent that each person can.

I'm interested in space, but I don't have any knowledge, so I wonder if I can keep up with it ...?

I have no experience in event planning, but can I do it ...?

fine! The executive committee who is familiar with the space business will support you.

Make the universe even more accessible, connect the universe with our society, and make our lives "exciting" and shining.

Enliven United Nations World Space Week JAPAN with your free thinking and passion for space.

We look forward to your application!

The evangelist registration fee, which we ask you to bear when you apply, will be used for the operation of the executive committee, and will be sent to the United Nations World Space Week Association through ASTRAX Co., Ltd. We will use it carefully as a donation.


[Application Requirements]

Application conditions ・ People residing in Japan who can support the United Nations World Space Week ・ Age, gender, and educational background are not required (* Those under the age of 18 need the consent of their parents or parents)

Activity period Until the end of December every year (Example: If you apply in 2020, until the end of December 2020)
* It will be renewed for one year. Registration fee is charged every year.

Registration fee / new one 50,000 yen (For those who apply by the end of April, the early discount will be 40,000 yen)
・ Those who wish to continue and do not need a pin badge: 40,000 yen * The pin badge will not change after 2018.

* If you have been active as an evangelist since 2018 and do not need an additional pin badge, please apply by the end of April and the registration fee will be 30,000 yen.

Benefits ・ Exchange with members who are familiar with the latest space business (depending on the activity of the person, there is a possibility of connecting with UN officials and overseas space business officials)
・ Events officially recognized by the United Nations World Space Week (unlimited number of times. Event announcements are prioritized on this website and official SNS.)
・ Official logo and image data can be used. ・ United Nations World Space Week JAPAN Evangelist Pin Batch presented (silver pin badge with amethyst. United Nations mark on the back.)
・ You can participate as an observer or presenter in UN conferences and international conferences held in Vienna and other parts of the world (application fee, travel expenses, etc. are required separately).
・ You can participate in domestic evangelist conferences (United Nations Universities, etc.) & social gatherings ・ You can use the English translation agency for the event content you entered (submitted) ・ Addition of supporter links (rotation for a certain period if there are many) May)
・ You can state that you are working as an evangelist to improve your profile, business card, and corporate image.

Registration fee transfer account

Japan Post Bank

・ Transfer from Japan Post Bank: Symbol 10530 Number 87726721

Name: United Nations World Space Week JAPAN Executive Committee Bighead Carp

​・ Transfer from other than Japan Post Bank:  Store name ○ 58 Store number 058 Account number Ordinary 8772672

Name: United Nations World Space Week JAPAN Executive Committee Bighead Carp

Click here for applications and inquiries

(* The personal information you provide will be used for responding to inquiries and inquiries and for providing information regarding the United Nations World Space Week.)



Email Address Required)

telephone number


Affiliation / organization name

Contact / Inquiries

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United Nations World Space Week JAPAN Evangelist

50.000¥ Regular Price
40.000¥Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
¥40,000every year until canceled
  • Evangelists are valid until the end of 2021.

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